who will win in a on on one karl anthony towns or the greek freak

so the greek freak is more althlecther. he could play any position. while towns is a beter shooter and faster. so the greek freak will win.


Guest Blog

Have you ever wonder who can win between Lebron James And Kevin Durant? Or Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan? Well Manveer will make it very quick explanation on who will win . He may not have that many sentence but he does have some evidence. He might not be the best blogger at the moment but will get noticed in the next couple of years.

who will win in a one on one Stephen Curry or Russell Westbrook

So lets just talk about speed westbrook will win because he could just run half court in a second. In range curry will win because he could just pop 3’s in westbrooks in his face every time. In handles Curry will win because he broke so many peoples ankles. Westbrook is more alletic than curry because he could dunk and post up.So in conclusion steph curry will will in a one on one because he could just pop 3’s in westbrook face and go past him  because of his handles.