Top 5 movies I like

  1.    Platoon
  2. Deadpool One
  3. Black panther
  4. Hacksaw ridge
  5. infinity war

Top 10 songs that I like

  1. Ric flair drip  (Offset and Metro Bomin)
  2. The way life goes ( lil uzi vert)
  3. Everyday ( Logic and Marshmallow)
  4. Poles1469 ( 6ix9ine and Trippered)
  5. Gummo ( 6ix9ine)
  6. Darknight ( Trippered and Travis Scott)
  7.  Loney ( speakerknocker)
  8.  My house ( Flordia)
  9. Buy you a drank( t pain)
  10.  I get the drip from the walk ( Famous Dex)

Script project (Deadpool)

Mostly everything was the same as written in the script  ,but they switch scene six with five,like the played six first then they played scene five.Dialogues were not the same in scene five when Deadpool turns and talk to the camera.In scene five where Deadpool sitting on the highest freeway there was a song playing, they didn’t put the whole song in the script and the song was really long in the movie. In also scene seven dialogues were not the same written in the script. The sound wasn’t written in the script how it is in the movie. The other three scene were the mostly same written in the script .Overall little changes I see mostly everything was the same.