Study of camera shots and angles

Two shot– There are two people in the same shot, just like a mid-shot. In the movie the women and the male look at each other because the women is going to ask question to the man and the man is going to answer them.The director choose this shot because too get two of the character in.

Close up-It shows how the character emotion statues are and it gives a personal look at the character.This close up shot shows how excited the player for being interview. The director want to see the character emotion.

Mid shot-The shot shows the subject in whole details and the background.It shows how everyone listening to the player.In the movie it shows the background as a group of people and there are listening  the person talking. The director choose that shot because he wants to get everyone in.

Over the shoulder shot– It shows what is the character see from he or she point of  view.It show the player dunking from the back and the audience start to get hyped. The director chooses this shot because two people are talking and usually helps audience too place character in their setting.

Low angle-This camera shots know that the  character from below the eye line. In movie it movie  how worried the all the character was when the other character got hurt.The director wants to show how the group of teammates are disturb to see the player get hurt.


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